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The Magician

Intricate design and delicate craftsmanship come together in this feather-inspired earring.

Rs 9,500


Make unpredicatable style choices this season.

Rs 14,500

Panic At The Disco

Create havoc with these danglers.

Rs 8,500


Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Rs 7,500

Big Bali

Hoop earrings with a twist.

Rs 14,500


Whether it's a summer luncheon, or an evening affair, these regal earrings will be sure to amp up the volume.

Rs 8,500

Clean Slate

Refresh your style with this sleek gold pair.

Rs 8,500

Out of Space

Out with the boring, in with the daring.

Rs 12,500


This funky gold and monochrome set will amp out your outfit by adding the perfect amount of flair.

Rs 14,500


Simple sometimes works best.

Rs 7,500

Monochrome Magic

A simple black and white accessory to complement every and any attire.

Rs 16,500

The Egyptian Tour

These intricately cut 5-step earrings are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Rs 8,500


Inspired by the glitz and glam associated with showbiz.

Rs 16,500

Big Boss

Command attention with these solid gold earrings.

Rs 9,500

Ring A Round The Rosie

Be playful with accessories.

Rs 14,500


Craftsmanship and elegance fuse together to give the perfect earrings for an evening out.

Rs 12,500


Inspired by the period of prohibition to give you the flapper flair in a modern context.

Rs 12,500

Greek Arches

This simple and sleek pair is a versatile set which will complement any outfit.

Rs 9,500

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